Liber de anima

Quaestio 1 De anima an sit.
Quaestio 2 Quid sit anima.
Quaestio 3 De anima an sit creata vel increata.
Quaestio 4 Utrum anima sit una.
Quaestio 5 Utrum anima de nihilo vel de aliquo creatur.
Quaestio 6 De anima an sit immortalis.
Quaestio 7 De anima rationali et immortalitate eius.


This list is based on the Vatican witness identified by Bertola (who thought it was by Ibn David). I am not certain how exact it matches the published edition of Gundissalinus.
Is Part Of De anima commentaries
Question Listed edited by Ermenegildo Bertola
Question Listed encoded by Michael Stenskjær Christensen